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12th AISCCON National Conference


  • Senior Citizens Service Council, Kerala


  • 2nd and 3rd November 2012


  • Thiruvanthpuram, Kerala

Organising Committee  
Dr. D. Babu Paul IAS (Retd) Chairman
N. Ananthakrishnan Co-Chairman
S. Haneefa Rawther Secretary
K.N.K. Namboothiri Chairman-Finance Commitee
G. Suremdren Pillai Treasurer
M. Divakaran Vice-Chairman
P. Chandrasenan Chairman-Registration & Souvenir Comittee
S. Radhalrishnan Nair Chairman-Accomodation
A. K. Ramachandran Editor, Souvenir
Saroja Narayanan Vice Chairperson
M.R. Murali Vice Chairrman
P.P. Chellappan Convener-Reg & Transport
P. Vijayamma Joint Secretary
P. Balakrishna Pillai Vice Chairman
R. Surendranathan Nair Vice Chaireman
G. Raveendran Convener-Cultural Competition
Dr. K.C. Chandramohanan Pillai Convener-Cultural Committee
Prof. V. Sundaresan Chairman-Cultural Committee
T. Velayudhan Nair Joint Secretary
M.F. Francis Joint Secretary
Vanchiyoor Gopalakrishnan Joint Secretary
K. Asok Kumar Joint Secretary
D. Vasanthakumari Amma Member
Babu Mayyanadan Member
A.M. Devadathan Member
S. Reghu Member
M.A. Mohanan Member
P. Muralimohanan Member
B. Indiradevi Member
K. Chandramohan Member
K.S. Balan Member
A.Abdul Wahid Member
R. Ravikumar Member
V. Chandrankutty Member
A.U. Mamachan Member
K. Kamaladevi Member
K. Parameswaran Pillai Member
G. Vasantharajan Convener-Volunteer Committee
R. Sivakumar Member
Pallichal Krishnan Member
Kalanjoor Bhaskaran Member

Senior Citizens Service Council, Kerala Organisers of 12th National Conference S. Haneefa Rawther

Twenty First century is the century of Senior Citizens. The number of senior Citizens in the Society is increasing fast. This Phenomenon will be more pronounced in the next century. According to the UN one tenth of the world population is above 60. The ratio may increase to one third in the near future. The life expectancy in India was 38, sixty years ago, whereas it is 70 now. In our state of Kerala it is 75.

Increasing availability of food, better health care, comfortable living conditions etc are the reasons for the increase in the life expectancy.

In the society the problem created by the increase in the number of senior citizens are quite different from that of the other sections of the population. They face several disabilities and infirmities like lesser capacity for mobility, health problems, financial troubles, lack of care givers, and isolation from children and relatives. Many have to depend on others for their daily chores and requirements.

There is general apathy towards the elders from all other sections of the society.

This disturbing scenario can be remedied fully by collective and committed plans and interventions by NGO’s, civil society and Government.

It is in this backgrounds the Senior Citizens Service Council, Kerala was established during 2008 and working towards the foretold end. We would strive to create awareness among the elders about their rights and privileges as this is pathetically lacking even in Kerala, a fully Literate Society. We are charting out plans and projects to alleviate the sufferings of the senior citizens. The council will also struggle to bring the senior’s grievances to the notice of the relevant authorities and secure them redressed. The matter will be taken up through people representatives also.