"Registration closed for offline/online/On the spot."             "All the Delegates and participants are requested to go through the IMPORTANT INFORMATION, your kind cooperation is highly solicited."              "For Medical emergency please ring 1066. Nearest Apollo hospital will response. Or. contact Dr. Vithal at 9848413194"

18th AISCCON National Conference, Hyderabad 29th and 30th November


!!! WELCOME to 18th AISCCON National Conference, Hyderabad !!!

SPECIAL INSTRUCTION : As per security restrictions from VP office. No briefcase, bags, arms, cameras are allowed in conference hall Mobile phones to be kept in switched off mode During the presence of the Hon’ble Vice President

1) Arrival at Hyderabad/Secunderabad

  • There will be help desks at Nampally (Hyderabad Deccan), Kacheguda and Secunderabad Railway stations at the exit gate, possibly, on “Platform No. 1”.
  • Secunderabad Hyderabad Deccan From 28th Nov 5am till 29th forenoon
    Kacheguda From 28th Nov afternoon till 29th forenoon
  • Volunteers with placards and banners will guide you
  • Welcome announcement over loud speakers are likely to be made.
  • No transportation is provided by the Conference to reach your hotels or venue upon arrival at railway station or bus stop or Airport.
  • The volunteers will help you to make your own arrangements and to locate your hotel location.
  • Free transport, however, from venue back to the hotels or important select places in city will be provided after dinner on first day and after the end of second day’s activities.
  • To reach Classic Garden (the venue), reach Paradise junction in Secunderabad. Then Proceed towards Balamrai side, Gitanjali Devshala school road. Venue is on left side within 2 km.
  • All delegates who have made their own arrangements for accommodation and other delegates are requested to collect their delegate badge and kit bag from Lions Bhawan, behind HDFC bank, Paradise circle, Secunderabad on 28th November from 10.00am onwards.
    Preson Incharge for this are:
    Mr. Ramchandraiya, AISCCON central committee member phone 8500770350 and Mr. Ramnath organizing Committee member : 9490148821.. Any delegate can collect his kit from Lions Bhawan on28th November from 10.00am onwards

(We have information about arrivals by trains only for some of the Delegates which we will provide to the volunteers at the help desks. Even those delegates who have not intimated their arrival details can avail services of help desks).

2) Kit Distribution Desk at the venue

  • 8 Kit Distribution Desks on 29th will be open from 7:30am to 9.30AM
  • 1 or 2 Kit Distribution Desks will again work from 12.30hrs to distribute kits
  • Kits can be claimed by informing the serial no of the delegate intimated separately by SMS to every delegate.
  • Delegates arriving on 28th may visit Office of The AOSC Hyderabad (Lions BHavan) between 11am and 7pm on that day and can collect their kits. (At 2nd floor of Lions Trust Bhavan behind HDFC Bank at paradise junction)
  • Aisccon CC members are requested to collect the kit from Lions Bhavan when they attend CC meeting.
  • To all those whose accommodation is being arranged by us, their kits wil be distributed at the hotel as far as possible. Please collect from the hotel reception/Manager. Their kits will not be delivered at venue on 29 th in such cases.
  • There will be 8 counters for kit distribution to delegates who have not opted for accommodation. Please bring your serial number in delegates list (available in website), Registration ID if already informed to you, your group leader’s name if applicable, details of receipt of payment, ID proof given in application form etc to make Kit distribution process easy.
  • In case of group registration the Kits will be issued for the whole group to one member on producing of the Identity proof and the serial number.
  • All local delegates and Delegates who have already arrived in Hyderabad on 28th Nov are requested to kindly collect kits, if they can, from Lions Bhavan Office on28th from 10.00 hrs onwards this will avoid rush on 29th morning.
  • State Govt sponsored delegates numbering nearly 100 will be served at a separate desk. Managed by the reps of State Govt. These delegates should approach this desk only.
  • In case of the kits meant for distinguished delegates the badge in red colour will be fixed with a tape/pin outside the kit.
  • Arrangement for wheel chairs has been made for the very old or disabled

3) Cloak Room facility will be provided at the Venue

  • Those who are coming to the venue directly on 29th can avail the facility by keeping their belongings at their own risk.
  • Suggest no valuable to be kept in the cloak room.
  • Those leaving directly from the venue can also avail this facility at their own risk.

4) All delegates are required to wear their ID cards, supplied in the kits, throughout the duration from breakfast time on first day to end of conference on 2nd day.

5) Breakfast and Meal

  • Breakfast starts at 7:30 am on 29th to felicitate volunteers, organizers and those who have registered already.
  • All the participants are expected to finish breakfast and be seated immediately after flag hoisting by Sri D. N. Chapke in the main conference hall by 09.45 hrs.

6) Hotel Accommodation

  • Those who have asked for accommodation are being informed about hotel allotment separately, individually or through their group leaders.
  • The hotel details and the allotment details are available on the website.
  • For any assistance they can approach the registration counter.

7) Identify people

  • Delegates have ID cards– different colour for delegate /distinguished delegate.
  • Volunteers have scarf around their necks.
  • Committee members and others who can help have circular badges. On second day there will be an additional help desk for guiding participants in ladies conference

8) We will try to meet special requests made by some groups to the extent it is possible. They should be directed to Dr. Vithal Rao who will deal with them.

9) There will be an emergency medical unit functioning supported by Apollo

As security arrangements in the forenoon of 29th will be tight, everyone is requested to co-operate and adhere to timings.

The MOST important Instructions to be followed:

1. Since VP is reaching the auditorium at 10.20am on 29th, all persons must be seated in their chairs by 10,am. No movement of persons including the organisers will be allowed. All gates will be closed by the Police.
2. V.P podium as specified with two mikes with cord and light for reading will be on the Dias. Master of ceremony Podium will be separate and be on the ground beside the dias. A table to keep mementos, shawls, books, souvenir, and other items will also be on the ground beside the dias.
3. Audience is not allowed to give any bouquet or any thing to the Vice President.
4. Mobile phones strictly not be allowed in the auditorium.
5. No one will be allowed to move as long as the VP is in the auditorium.
6. No one other than the 10 dignitaries and two persons of the VP will be allowed on the dias.
7. All cars during VP visit will be parked outside at specified places. Traffic police will guide.
8. Unless the V P shakes hand we have only to fold hands and say Namaste.
All are requested to kindly adhere to these instructions.